Write a report on street crimes

Order the Book Today Reporting Fraud and Scams to the Proper Authorities The act of reporting fraud and laying charges is quite different from the process of seeking restitution from the criminals. What they have in common though, is the labyrinth nature of determining the agency responsible for effective action. The following agencies have a complaint tracking system to determine trends and gather evidence for prosecution.

Write a report on street crimes

Arooj Arshad 1 Street Crimes 1. At the front end of the criminal Justice system, street crimes create enormous burdens on police.

When people observe street crimes, they expect the police to do something about them and they expect an immediate response. However, the huge volume of street crimes, the clustering of street crimes on the weekends and the concentration of street crimes in urban areas make it challenging for the police to do something about the thing that is happening.

Hot spots include places like street corners, shopping centers, apartment blocks, railway stations and public parks, where antisocial incidents generate a large number of complaints to police.

Maruna observes that few phenomena in criminology have been as widely acknowledged and as poorly understood as why people desist from committing crime. Moreover, at some stage in their life course, usually between 18 and 35 years of age, even serious offenders tend to cease criminal behavior.

Researchers from a number of disciplines, including geography, architecture, environmental planning, sociology, social psychology, political science and criminology, have studied hot spots of crime. Recent research on crime hot spots spans a number of theoretical perspectives such as the ecology of crime, environmental criminology, routine activities theory, crime pattern theory, defensible 3 space, crime prevention through environmental design and situational crime prevention.

write a report on street crimes

All of these perspectives contribute to our understanding of why crime clusters into hot spots. Researchers argue that crime is not random, but rather the result of environmental and situational factors.

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These factors such as proximity to transportation routes, street lighting, building design, and availability of easy-to-steel products, guardianship and supervision create opportunities for street crime in some places.

Almost 50 percent of the crimes are never registered by the police authorities. These all types of street crimes can be clustered write a report on street crimes into few categories and they were as follows: Harassing people as they walk and blocking footpaths and streets is the second most frequent street crime but unfortunately is not reported as it should be Nations, Special Investigation Unit SIU of Islamabad Police has busted an inter provincial gang of dacoits and recovered two vehicles and weapons from the five gangsters, who were nabbed after police encounter, a police spokesman said.

The SIU team received information from reliable sources about presence of a gang in an area of Islamabad, who were involved in targeting the money changer vehicles normally carrying the money and travel from Mansehra to Islamabad and Rawalpindi Pakistan Crime Report, Islamabad Police have arrested 50 persons involved in street crimes during the current year and recovered 74 snatched mobile phones, looted cash and valuables including gold ornaments from their possession, a police spokesman said that 74 snatched mobile phones, looted cash and valuables including gold ornaments were also recovered from their possession.

Graffiti includes all types of markings, etchings and paintings that deface public and private property. Vandalism includes conspicuous defacement or destruction of a structure or symbol like smashing bus-stop windows, pulling down street signs, breaking fences, smashing car windows and, of course, graffiti.

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In short, the act of vandalism may be brief, but the costs and impact of vandalism incidents extend far beyond cleaning up the mess. Hussain write in a blog Dawn Newspaper that I would like to draw attention to the problem of graffiti which can be seen on almost every road and street of Pakistan, we, the residents, are fed up and cannot bear this practice that destroys the beauty of the neighborhood and poses a potential threat of violence by those who are offended by the messages chalked on their walls.

The recent attempt on the removal of these crimes is done by The Rawal Town tehsil municipal administration TMAunder a special campaign, has removed graffiti, banners and posters from the city streets and main roads of the.

According to details, on the special directives of Administrator Saif Anwar Jappa, the municipal administration had started the campaign to remove wall-chalking from the main city areas TMA, There are 6 many questions associated with rise in street crimes in Pakistan.

Why are crime rates so high in congested and relatively poor areas of the city? Why are the young, poor and able-bodied individuals involved in such crimes? Why only small and medium size businesses and houses become the target of these crimes? Social researchers conclude that high rates of crime among the young and poor are due to culture of poverty prevailing in their neighborhood Pakistan Times, As per these researchers, young residents of relatively poor areas within metropolitan often lack the basic necessities of life and develop values that imply violence as effective means of attaining these items.

This trend spreads fast within these communities and poor youth, that generally lacks job opportunities, becomes involved in these crimes to make both ends meet.

Moving on to the targets of these crimes, mostly small and medium size businesses are targeted due to lack of adequate security measures adopted by these business and individuals.

write a report on street crimes

These criminals are less likely to face any close circuit camera system, armed guards or alarm system in small and medium size locations. These victims are also less likely to report a crime to police in order to avoid lengthy and undue involvement by police in their affairs. The last question about action by law enforcement agencies against these crimes is more complex in nature.

Often due to small and petty nature of these crime, involving snatching of mobile phones, credit cards and other valuables, people choose not to report these crimes to Police. Lengthy procedures involved for registration of complaint at Police stations are also one of the reasons cited by the victims.

Despite all the prevention schemes, street crimes are fast becoming a major concern for citizens of Karachi and other big cities. The solution lies not only in stern action against these criminals but also in educating the youth against these crimes and providing them with adequate social status and job opportunities Shaukat, As a result the victims, normally blue-collar citizens, are deprived of their hard earned money and valuables.

Several factors are responsible for this disquiet, the most important being that the police itself discourages proper recording of crime. The police in Pakistan are infamous for hiding actual numbers of crime; often use the justification of insufficient resources.Those so called street crimes effect our neighborhoods and society everyday.

Those crimes are contributing to the destruction of society, our cities, our streets. The street crime is the most harmful of crimes, it is responsible for . Other types of street crime include drug crimes, which are all crimes involving the manufacturing, possession, use or sale of illegal substances.

Drug manufacturing and trafficking are popular. May 15,  · To write a police report, you should include the time, date, and location of the incident you're reporting, as well as your name and ID number and any other officers that were present. You should also include a thorough description of the incident, like what brought you to the scene and what happened when you arrived%(99).

The act of reporting fraud and laying charges is quite different from the process of seeking restitution from the criminals.

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What they have in common though, is the labyrinth nature of determining the agency responsible for effective action. Street Crime and Street Culture Why are the rates of street crimes such as robbery and assault so high, especially in areas of concentrated poverty?

Why, in particular, are the young, poor, and able-bodied so often their own victims? If criminals have a choice among victims and crimes, the basic economic incentives. According to reports, just within a week the New Year , Karachi has seen a rise in the street crimes that had gone down considerably in the last quarter of

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