The vietnameses predicaments just to get to australia

My Eva numbers I applied for 3 month multiple entry starting from dec 30 but booked a flight on 27 nov will this be ok Asked by Shawn Flett5 days ago 1 answer s multiple countries several months I will arrive in Hanoi January 8 and be in Vietnam for approximately five weeks. Then I will travel to Siem Reap from Saigon. I will be in Cambodia for one week. After Cambodia I will go to Thailand for a week.

The vietnameses predicaments just to get to australia

Anna November 1,9: We speak every day on watsapp and text a few times every day. My partner is a professional he has a bachelors in political science plus does international trade. He has a Thailand work visa and has traveled to many countries. We want to spend this Christmas and New Years Eve together in Australia … what are his chances of getting a tourist visa for 6 weeks?

If he gets granted a tourist visa, once he returns to Pakistan we will be applying for prospective spousal visa, or can we get married on a tourist visa and apply for a bridging visa. If you need assistance, you need to speak to a MARA registered migration agent. I think you need to look those rules up, to see where you stand.

BobinOz May 22, So can you please check your junk or spam folders to see if anything is there? Cheers, Bob Flo May 23,1: Cheers and good evening! It begins with the p and has six letters, have you checked that email The vietnameses predicaments just to get to australia Anyway, by my calculations Simon has now had your questionnaire for eight working days, so you should receive your full assessment any time soon.

I am a speech pathologist and just received a positive skills assessment from Speech Pathology Australia.

I have not seen anything, but could have missed those details. Should I gather my supporting evidence prior to launching an EOI? Any suggestions or tips that you could give me would be great!

I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you. Yours is a bit different Ill start with the easy answer Sponsored visa you will need a job so how long is a piece of string not being in the country may not help Then if you come you have arguably the time of a working visa to find a job and get them to sponsor you or at east start the process.

A visa of your own whether state sponsored or not allows you to come here and then get a job but it takes longer to get one. Its arguably chicken and egg as whichever way when you get here at some point you will need a job…. It depends on how in demand you are You could land a job immediately or not Why not contact a few potential employers I m guessing your heading fro Sydney or Melbourne I also imagine you can have a WHV and apply for a PR visa as well for that you could do worth having conversation with a MARA agent You then could come out find a job and have the back up of the PR visa Yes gather your supporting evidence but watch expiry dates on things.

Finally this depends to some extent on how much you have to fall back on eg come out look for job, end up doing something else is not ideal or you may of course land perfect job. Can they then apply for the new 5yr visa while the PR visa is in the q as wel. We have had the skills assessment doneall fine and the EOI has gone through so we are at Form 80 stage.

However, our MARA has started to ignore us saying that he is very busy. Also, I learned from your blog that I need 5 years on my passport before entering Oz.

You're 4 steps away from a Vietnam visa on arrival.

Its my own view that right now is for them like Mothers day is for a florist, utter chaos. So many in England are watching down under programs and the long month of January in the cold …Plus USA Canada and so on Id liek to think you are well down the process so you almost a done deal and It may be if as most are one man bands even working in agencies he is trying to grab as many as he can from the deluge that appears at this time of year to sustain him in leaner times….

It may be you are correct he is just ignoring you. How about email saying how excited you are and thats making you very eager and I know how your busy you are etc etc and then your questions If your only question is the passport I am pretty sure times may have changed, and looking at it you dont need five years having read what is public domain.

Appointment or withdrawal of an authorised recipient including migration agent Change of address details Change of email address details Change of passport details So you can go into your account and update the passport number in time to come I have to do it with our children soon So at least thats one less problem that you may be blaming him for eg not spotting it It looks like he has no need.

The vietnameses predicaments just to get to australia

If the otters are easy questions. Whilst Bob and anyone else cannot give migration advice I cant see how anyone can complain about pointing out where forms are etc and others can give details of their experience which may help and guide you, certainly with small issues like this Incidentally it also says on the website there is also a form for change of passport for what might be termed postal manual system its form As they are registered then there will likely be some operating body but as your this close get the visa in and then complain, if you still feel it right ti do so.

After all and I am not suggesting he would but imagine getting a complaint about you and there are two forms to process on your desk the complainer and the other its likely the complainer will be done the following day….

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As you both point out though, we are a good way through and he probably knows he has us over a barrel… Thanks for the info on the passport — that has at least eased my mind! Fingers crossed for you. Howz u as I saw so many comments so after reading such comments I m pretty much sure that you gonna give me ryt guidance as I am indian and did my b.

You need to speak to a MARA registered migration agent. Which visa type is best and fastest to support her in australia to live?Timeline: Vietnamese immigration to Australia. Look back at the history of Vietnamese immigration to Australia.

Which visa?

Pre Vietnam-born people in Australia. They pay much more than locals to study at Australian universities, but once they get here international students say finding someone willing to pay them minimum wage is very rare.

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Spouse, prospective spouse or de facto visa. To a case officer, an Australian spouse visa application is just a pile of papers - one of many files on their desk! or needing to get to Australia within a certain timeframe, and the travel restrictions involved.

If you can find an employer who is prepared to offer you a job, this can be the quickest way to get your first foot into Australia.

It can easily lead to a permanent residency. Work for the same employer for two years, keep your nose clean and apply for residency. We will use the limited time available for the interview to get as full a picture as possible of your travel plans and intentions.

We will use our available resources to fairly assist all applicants to get appointments to allow travel in time for business, study, and other important obligations.

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