Master thesis conclusion and recommendation

If you are feeling anxious about the discussion section rest assured you are not alone. I remember struggling with this section myself and, looking back, I believe there were two sources of anxiety. The first is scholarly confidence. The Ph factor is somewhat elusive and hard to describe, but basically it means you have to make some knowledge claims.

Master thesis conclusion and recommendation

What does this chapter contain? The key area here is to understand that this chapter concludes ends your dissertation.

Conclusions, on the other hand, are made throughout your paper. Such as whether a hypothesis was proven right or wrong, or whether your data collection method was proven correct, valid and reliable, etc.

master thesis conclusion and recommendation

The most important part of this chapter is to not introduce anything new. It cannot do that. You must use it as a summary-type chapter that brings the paper to a close.

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You should also review each stage. What is included in the Chapter? It might be advisable to break the chapter down into a number of subsections. Introduction Introduce the chapter to the reader — just as you have with the others remember: Problem Statement and Methodology In this part you will be presenting the problem statement as you have presented it in the first chapter what was the problem and what did you want to achieve.

You should then review the methodology, in detail, but without repeating anything that you have already said. Results of Summary You should keep this section brief and identify the result with a general statement paragraph which it then followed by another paragraph that supports the evidence collected.

You should avoid interpretation here and thus be objective about the results. Discussion of Results You should discuss the meaning of the results here, in brief, and highlight any important areas that you have identified. You should also look at the different things that the study means and how this is evaluated to the overall understanding in your dissertation.

Recommendations These could be to your employer or to the academic community. You will want to keep this section brief and maybe to one paragraph or two, and explain what, from the research that has been conducted, there will be recommendations to the organizations or, if you are presenting to academia, then what further research should be conducted in the future.Conclusions for dissertations and theses.

The conclusion of a dissertation or thesis is not an opportunity to engage in a personal 'rant'.

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You must draw out key aspects of the literature you have studied along with your recommendations and say how they are justified or contradicted by your research.

Sep 09,  · The purpose of a conclusion is to answer your research question. Begin, with repeating your research question. However, don’t simply reiterate the research question, but integrate an explanation of it into the rest of the section’s discussion/5().

Recommendation, conclusion and evaluation Essay. Recommendation. 1. Global recession has caused financial institutions and banks to review their business lines - Recommendation, conclusion and evaluation Essay introduction. This is because the demand for their traditional products has altered due to the downturn in their clients businesses; business lines that were showing expansionary trends.

Recommendations These can take two forms: recommendations for further study, or recommendations for change, or both. Each recommendation should trace directly to a conclusion. How to write a Master thesis Jim Tørresen, Jan so this document should only be seen as one possible example/recommendation.

master thesis conclusion and recommendation

Essay The essay is a short version of the final thesis and is typically of about 10 pages long. It might and the main conclusion. Table of Contents / Table of Contents (TOC). The primary purpose of a thesis or dissertation is to train the student in the processes of scholarly research and writing under the direction of members of the Graduate Faculty.

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