Ethical violations essay

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Ethical violations essay

Ethics In no more than 3, words you are required to complete an essay on ethical issues in the practice of counseling, by addressing the following question: What are the two ethical issues which are likely to be the most concerning for you personally in your counseling work?

Include a discussion of: Your essay should be written in the first person and should include a personal, reflective discussion, but should be scholarly and include a carefully selected references. Provide evidence of your thinking about the issues chosen.

Introduction Professional counsellors are increasingly mindful not to step on the mines of unethical practices. We will write a custom essay sample on Ethical Issues in Counselling or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Sometimes, we might be too cautious to have overlooked issues that are neither unethical, nor avoidable, or even beneficial, in terms of the interests of our clients and our own professional satisfactions.

Ethics are more than codes and taboos. While counsellors should protect themselves from unnecessary lawsuits, we should also find resolutions for our constant struggles towards the best service to clients, in light of the various moral and ethical principles, and the context in which we work, to promote, other than to protect client benefits.

As a voluntary, amateur counsellor, serving in a Ethical violations essay community, characterized by its closeness to a Christian Secondary School and its proximity to a lower social class housing estate, I have always struggled with boundary setting, whether a boundary needs to be crossed, a multiple relationship needs to be entered into, or a personal value needs to be shared, for the best benefits of my clients, who range from young adults, young couples, to parents of some problematic students.

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This essay explores how I could set professional boundaries through client empowerment, and how, n view of my personality and Christian faith, I should approach boundary crossing, role blending, multiple relationships, and value sharing with caution.

I would also use religious values as an example, to discuss the relevance and irrelevance of sharing personal values under different circumstances. Boundaries and multiple relationships — Definitions and controversy A boundary sets limits for accepted practices of the counsellor and the client.

Although boundary crossing does not necessarily culminate multiple relationships, multiple relationships are usually the result of boundary Ethical violations essay. According to Sonnep. Most professional organizations warn counsellors against involving themselves with boundary crossing and multiple relationships, as they might impair their judgment, objectivity, and provision of effective services, resulting in possible blurred boundaries, exploitation and harm to their clients Corey, G.

Boundary violations, typified by sexual relationships between counsellors and clients are always harmful and unethical Rosenbloom,p. What if, the cases are giving a bookmark with encouragement to a stressful student about to sit for an open examination, unintended encounter with some clients in church services, and unintentional disclosure of my interest in dogs when my client was sharing her experience with pets?

When put into context, it is usually more difficult for us to judge if a boundary crossing is unethical than by simply defining it or banning it. The above cases exemplify the unavoidable, ethical e. A licensed psychologist, Silbertrust uses her experience as a client in psychotherapy to demonstrate the blurred difference between boundary crossing and boundary violation.

Her therapist had made hospital and home visits to her while she was bed ridden, disclosed her own smoking habit and likes for cats, to sooth her panic and brighten her day with compassion, though it was obvious that the therapist had crossed her professional boundary at a time boundary mattered less to her than the immediate benefits of Silbertrust.

Ethical violations essay

I agree that at times, certain boundary crossing could booster the morale of clients who are at the verge of breaking down.

There were times when I felt the need to touch a student parent on her shoulder, or shed a few drops of tears with her, and the gracefulness of such altruistic desires seems indisputable. However, what is the difference between me and her friends, who would just react in the same way as I wanted to?

However, the problem of boundary violations lies in the difficulty for counsellors to predict prospectively how the therapeutic relationship would develop once a boundary has been crossed.

It would be better for the counsellor and Silbertrust to have discussed prior to and after the incidence, so that the motives of the counsellor, the response of Silbertrust could have been clarified and documented, to arrest further boundary crossing, once the immediate needs of Silbertrust had been met.

Likewise, if I encounter similar occasions in which a boundary crossing is judged to be worthwhile, in view of the urgent needs and benefits of the client, similar procedures should be adopted. Discussion on Boundary Setting Consistent yet flexible boundaries are often therapeutic and can help clients develop trust in the therapy relationship Corey, G.

Germaine proposes healthy boundaries to be set from the outset, and it is my endeavour to empower my clients to discuss and build a consistent boundary with me from the beginning of therapy, by considering the culture of the church community, the personality, history, cultural background and prevailing problems of individual clients, so that it would not be a boundary that needs to be often crossed.

A boundary that does not function as a boundary is not a boundary. Hence, if small gift exchange is a common practice in the church community and the clients take this as a requisite sign of concern, why not set a price limit on gift exchange, rather than banning it?

However, once a boundary has been set, it should be adhered to, and the procedure and outcome need to be documented, to protect both client and counsellor benefits. This has increased the opportunity of multiple relationships and role blending when my client is also my student, or even a member of the same Church.

I am quite convinced of the advantages of certain multiple relationships, which have been thoroughly analyzed and discussed with the clients, the Church and the School, and which are well demarcated by clear boundaries.

One of my clients suffered from early stage depression, characterized by self reproach, low self esteem, and social withdrawal.

Since I was her teacher, I had the advantage to observe her behaviour in class and her peer interaction, apart from getting information from her own account. Likewise, some of her tension had originated from pressure from the Church, which I myself is a member of.

I found it easier to decide on my therapeutic approach, based on my understanding of the Church practice.

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Hence, if similar multiple relationships are frequently reviewed, discussed, informed and consented by my client, and well documented; it is ethical and beneficial to the therapy. However, clear boundary has to be set to avoid role confusion. Values — Definitions and its relevance to Counselling Values are the moral principles and beliefs or accepted standards of a person or a social group Collins English Dictionary,p.

Values also imply codes or standards which have some persistence through time, and which organize systems of action Kluckhohn, et al.Read this essay on Ethical Violations.

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Ethics Violations in the Workplace Essay Words 4 Pages In the paper below, I will outline an ethics violation that occurred where I work and give the outcome of the ethics violation based on the ethics code that is in place at EDMC.

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