Ec102 sec aa fall 2014 syllabus

Custom An English language college dictionary You will also need a wide-ruled composition book and a thumb drive to save ALL work until grades have been issued Language, Persuasion, and Truth Course Overview: Language is typically thought of as a representational medium. According to this assumption, words passively though not always accurately reflect a world exterior to them.

Ec102 sec aa fall 2014 syllabus

Las Positas College Fall Course: Integrated Reading and Writing I Instructor: Valerie Bronstein Connors Office Hours: Integrates reading, critical thinking, and writing assignments, using materials that present a variety of perspectives from across the curriculum.

Appropriate skill level demonstrated through the English assessment process.

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Appropriate Classroom Behavior Every college class is a learning environment. Students are expected to behave appropriately in class and to show respect for classmates and the instructor. Inappropriate or disruptive behavior --yelling, loud talking during lectures or student presentations, sexist or racist remarks, or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

Such behavior will be reported to the Student Discipline Officer. Disruptive students may be suspended from class and are subject to more severe college disciplinary action up to and including disenrollment and suspension from the college.

Any days spent in suspension from class are considered unexcused absences. For example, if you need to look up the date Shakespeare wrote a poem, then it is appropriate to use an electronic device.

Holding an extended texting conversation is not only a distraction to classmates, but it is also reducing your level of classroom engagement.

Ec102 sec aa fall 2014 syllabus

Have good manners and be professional when using electronic devices. If you are a students with a learning disability, physical disability or other special needs, please let me know as soon as possible if you require special accommodations.

You can expect my confidentiality and cooperation regarding any needs that have been verified by the Disabled Students Programs and Services DSPS on campus. DSPS is located in building and can be reached at Academic Integrity Policy Las Positas College is committed to creating an environment where student achievement is championed and celebrated.

Ec102 sec aa fall 2014 syllabus

Because the college values academic integrity as an essential component of academic excellence, students are expected to be truthful and ethical in their academic work.

Academic dishonesty is defined as: Academic dishonesty is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and will not be tolerated.

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Academic dishonesty diminishes the quality of scholarship at Las Positas College and hurts the majority of students who conduct themselves honestly. Acts of academic dishonesty include, but are not limited to, the following: Plagiarism and Original Work: When you use the words or ideas of other writers as if they were your own or hand in work that someone else has written, you are guilty of plagiarism, a serious offense.

Students who plagiarize betray the trust of students who do their own work. Plagiarizers may be referred to the Dean for Academic Discipline.

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Plagiarized work, work that is not originally written for this specific class, or work primarily composed via Google-translator or similar programs will receive a ZERO and cannot be made-up.

Attendance Policy It is assumed that each student will consider attendance an absolute requirement.

Homepage | PVAMU Home Kirby Godsey Administration Building, the W. The Law School building is a three-story partial replica of Independence Hall in Philadelphia and is located on Coleman Hill overlooking downtown Macon.
Honoring our Veterans The section code for each item number contain important information about the class delivery method. See the definition for each code below.

Las Positas instructors have the right to drop students from the class if they are absent for four consecutive classes or 6 cumulative instructional hours.

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Read it for better perspective by alexander in Browse > Politics & Current Affairs > Society > Poverty & Homelessness.

View Notes - 1 Ec Syllabus for Fall, (1) from EC at Boston University. EC , Section A1 Monetary and Banking Institutions Professor: Boston University Fall, Bruce.

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