Due to the current situation which

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Due to the current situation which

After he was severely beaten by a nationalist mob in Kiev, he withdrew his candidacy and called on all men of honor to do the same, saying the election is undemocratic and it is illegal to hold one while there is a civil war unfolding.

Here is a rather interesting if unproven recent analysis by him. You have friends who have stayed there, and you have certain exclusive sources who regularly provide you private information.

On that basis, what do you think about the situation with the economy of Ukraine, and what are the strategic prospects for the country in the near future? The situation is close to catastrophic. But, in general, this does not bother either the Kiev authorities or their bosses from the USA.

Americans are actually interested in Ukraine declaring default. Simply because it will be easier and cheaper to buy up the capital assets, and the decreasing standard of living will make more people willing to join the army and serve for the salaries it pays. The army itself, Americans will support, supplying everything needed, including weapons.

Evidently, it was for a good reason that Kerry flew to Moscow on May 12th, and Nuland came there on May 17th.

Due to the current situation which

The outlines of the agreements are clear. In this way, a foundation for political settlement will be laid down. The Donbass will have a common economic space with Ukraine, but will preserve the right to make independent decisions on most issues.

Evidently, in the near future we shall observe the creation of a demilitarized region around Donbass, from which not just heavy artillery but also lightly armed soldiers will be withdrawn.

I think that this process will begin as soon as it is tested with the successful example of Shirokino. The next step will be a general amnesty and lifting the economic blockade of Donbass by Kiev.

The most humiliating thing for the Kiev authorities is that they were not invited to these negotiations conducted by Russia with USA and EU, no one asked their opinion.

But with all that, I would not get too hopeful just yet. The immense numbers of armed paramilitaries consist of radicals, whose life is war and who do not wish to lay down arms. It is also true that the population of Donbass, the majority of them having endured so much at the hands of Kiev during ATO, is not willing to return to Ukraine.

From my point of view, the process of reconciling the Donbass with Ukraine can hardly be successful while those who unleashed civil war are still in power. And while people like Poroshenko, Yatseniuk, Turchinov, and Kolomoyskiy are not yet brought to justice for their crimes.

Due to the current situation of America, is it still safe to study there? You can look up Campus Safety and Security for schools that you are considering. This page may be out of date. Explanation as to why trends are shown for stunting and overweight but only most current estimate for wasting and severe wasting: Prevalence estimates for stunting and overweight are relatively stable over the course of a calendar year. It is therefore possible to track global and regional changes in these two conditions over time. due to prep. Because of. Usage Note: Due to has been widely used for many years as a compound preposition like owing to, but some critics have insisted that due should be used only as an adjective. According to this view, it is incorrect to say The concert was canceled due to the rain, but acceptable to say The cancellation of the concert was due to the.

Still unresolved is one of the chief contradictions at the very foundation of the Ukrainian state —a state formed by the Russian and Ukrainian people — that the Russian language is not an official language.

Nor it is not possible to call USA a reliable partner. No one is about to give actual control of the country back to the people of Ukraine.

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Hence, of course, we must do everything we can to stop the bloodshed, but at the same time we need to keep the powder dry. Unfortunately, I think woes and problems will plague my long-suffering homeland for a long time.

Not long ago, an acquaintance who is a leader of an NGO in Dnepropetrovsk came to me and told me that they brought him to the Security Service [building], and among many other questions, they asked him questions about me.

The questions were about the period when I was engaged in politics in Dnepropetrovsk. At a meeting there was a man who remained silent and only listened to the answers, but when his phone rang, he began to talk on the phone in pure English. I am convinced that no matter how the conflict in Donbass develops, the Americans will do everything they can to keep Ukraine under their control.

The Essential Saker II:About people have been evacuated in the Delta due to the severe weather, according to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) director. HW12 Solutions (due Tues, Apr 21) 1. T&M P The current in the wire shown below is 8 A.

Find B at point P due to each wire segment and sum to find the resultant B. Read chapter 2 Current Situation and Problems in Effort and Catch Estimation: Recreational fishing in the United States is an important social and economi.

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The African Development Bank Group Chief Economist Complex Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Recent Trend in Real GDP Growth Current Situation and Challenges 2. Recent Trend in Real GDP Growth Real GDP growth averaged due to favorable weather conditions and enhanced support by Government (e.g., improved.

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