Advantage of mobiles

June 2, Yes and No. It is also more important to know that there is a severe variation in countries and also in terms of urban versus rural areas. Although there is an increase in terms of mobile phone owners in developing world, and in Africa in particular, not everyone own a smart phone, just because not many schools or other educational institutions can afford it. Mobile phones are already having tremendous impact both in education, health and other economic and social development areas in developing countries but there are not yet at the stage that we can start thinking that they are better learning tools than computers.

Advantage of mobiles

First of all we will touch little introduction to cell phone, in second step we will discuss all the porn and uses of smart phones in our lives.


What is Mobile Phone? It have many names like, cell phone, mobile phone, smart phone or telephone. This is a portable device that access to cellular radio system. In simple devices we only access to make and receive the calls and send and receive the messages.

While in Smart devices we also have the facility to access the internet with the above two facilities. Advantages of Mobile Phones Connected to World You are always connected to your family and friends with the Advantage of mobiles of mobile.

Cell phone technology give the connectivity to everybody in the world. When you are millions of distance far from whole world.

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Business First of all the millions of people are connected with the business of telephones. And day by day the job opportunities are creating for new youngster. This is not himself business with the help of cell phones we can control our business. Students Applications There are a lot of learning applications for students in app store.

With the help of these apps students can learn and get the applications according their subjects. This is good thing that small children are always in the homes under the eyes of parents. Location Knowing GPS technology is allows you to get information of your location.

You can easily know your location with the help of GPS during traveling and let you to tell your other friends that what is your location. Without good quality cell you would be hesitate to participate in functions.

You can also add notes and reminders in your mobile phones in the favor of your help. Hundreds of Utilities All the feature are now available in one device. You can easily access to past and future Calendars and easily see the dates and years. Camera is allow you to capture thousands of images and can create videos.

Now you have no need to buy Calculator from outside because this facility is available in every mobile in advance.Learn about Crowne Plaza's amenities, sponsorships and more items that make up the Crowne Plaza Experience. Sep 30,  · Advantages of Mobile Phones.

Some advantages of mobile phones are that they are portable and that they keep phone numbers so they don't have to be memorized.. Ability t o make phone calls.

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GSM Mobiles - 2G. Following the launch of the first generation of analogue mobile networks and phones, Europe had become a collection of countries in which each . Mobile phone usage is on the rise and smartphone lovers are on a constant hunt to buy the best smartphone at a reasonable price.

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Advantage of mobiles

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Advantage of mobiles

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