A description of gender as a major part in the decisions we make in our day to day life

This is described below in categories and sub-categories, and further presented in Table 2. A good woman was expected to do household chores, care for her children, husband and in-laws and when needed provide the home with external income.

A description of gender as a major part in the decisions we make in our day to day life

Research presented by Dr. Consequently, behavior that seems natural and appropriate to one gender culture can seem baffling, hurtful or wrong to others. When we work with someone of the opposite gender and he or she does something that seems a bit strange, we often become intolerant and defensive.

We do not realize that men and women come from different cultures, even if they are raised in the same homes, educated in the same schools and live in the same country. The two gender cultures are different in many ways. Understanding the invisible rules unique to each gender can help us become better team members and leaders.

There are always exceptions to the rule. Examples given are based on what research tells us.

A description of gender as a major part in the decisions we make in our day to day life

The Hierarchical Culture of Men In every culture of the world, children are taught to be appropriate adults through the games they play. When boys are growing up, they play baseball, basketball, football, cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians and war, all of which are hierarchical team sports.

They learn how to compete, be aggressive, play to win, strategize, take risks and mask emotions. Playing their assigned role in the hierarchy, boys learn to obey their coach unquestioningly, become leaders and play with people they do not like. Consequently, when adult women enter a hierarchical workplace, they often attempt to equalize power, negotiate relationships and share power equally.

Gender Differences in the Coast Guard Does this mean that since the Coast Guard is a hierarchical organization, women cannot succeed? Does it mean that the hierarchical leadership style is always the appropriate choice? The command and control leadership style associated with a hierarchy works most effectively in time-bound situations, when there is no alternative or in emergencies.

For example, on scene at an urgent search-and-rescue case, the command and control style works best. Time is limited, one person needs to be in control of the situation and everyone needs to fulfill their specific roles.

There, the supervisor needs the expertise and ideas of everyone on watch to make the best decision. Each person might provide additional ideas as to how the case could best be handled.

In a flat structure then, the leadership style is based on involvement. Clearly, the Coast Guard has many different situations that require different leadership styles. Using the same style in every situation is a quick recipe for ineffectiveness. By understanding the different styles, we can more successfully choose the appropriate one for the situation.

Cultural Misunderstandings Sometimes the tendency for women to associate with one style and men to associate with the other leads to misunderstandings. For example, on a large cutter, a male chief was supervising a female second class petty officer.

A description of gender as a major part in the decisions we make in our day to day life

He directed her to perform a certain task.Applying our gender expectation theories to work environment, we expect: Mixed gender workforce creates only modest advantages for men with regard to expatiation of competency.

The more a work place is mixed gender, the lower the expatiation that men have higher level of job competency. We have to give meanings to our individual life, otherwise our lives are blank and senseless.

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Friedl expresses how the opinions of hunters in a culture play an important part in many decisions made in within the group. For example, the male hunters of the BaMbuti always make the decision of moving the camp to a different location although the women may give their opinion. “The decision problem is not posed in terms of an isolated decision (because today’s decision depends on the one we shall make tomorrow) nor yet in terms of a sequence of decisions (because under uncertainty, decisions taken in the future will be influenced by what we have learned in the meanwhile).

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